Vaginal Care

Vaginal Steaming - Cleanse

The Cleansing blend Works particularly well for the cleansing of the uterus.

This Herbal blend is great for women who may be looking for a blend with cleansing properties that help move circulation within the uterus, improve the flora and scent of the vagina, restore the P.H. balance of the vagina and nourish the reproductive organs.

Do not use if you have short menstrual cycles 27 days or shorter, bleeding in between periods, unexplained heavy bleeding during the month or who have not had a period within the past 3 months. Also great for women whose periods are controlled by birth control, great for women who has had miscarriages

This blend is also great for women who suffer from old residue in their uterus involving:

Menstrual Cramps
Brown blood or discharge at the onset or end of their period
Blood Clots


Vaginal Steaming - Cooling

The Cooling Herbs are specially designed for women experiencing night sweats, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. It includes herbs that help to nourish, moisturize, and cool down, and provide circulation.

This treatment is for clients who has experienced:

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Vaginal dryness

Living in hot climates


  • Infections or viruses accompany red by vaginal dryness or burning.


Vaginal Steaming - Disinfect

Disinfecting steaming focuses on love, purification, and healing, grounding and positive energy. Perfect for women who suffer from:

Yeast Infections
Bacteria Infections
Active Infections
Excess mucus
UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)


Vaginal Steaming - Gentle

The V Steam is a natural and gentle holistic approach to vaginal steaming. This form of hydrotherapy utilizes herbal infusions from mother earth into a warm relaxing bath that you sit over and allow to cleanse and detox your vagina, cervix, uterus and entire reproductive system via the steam vapors.


For Females with short menstrual cycles--27 days or less and interim bleeding.



Treats in-grown hairs and removes dead skin cells around the bikini line to help maintain healthy skin.