Brazilian Waxing Masterclasss

NB Skincare Brazilian Wax Master class covers everything that you would need to know and how to perform the perfect Brazilian waxing.

Subject Overview

  • Customer service/experience training
  • Learn how to improve your capability to complete a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes or less, while providing quality work and experience
  • Learn advanced positioning, stretching, and application techniques that will enable you to perform the ultimate Brazilian wax
  • Learn how to understand what to look for to avoid complications
  • Watch a full treatment from start to finish with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and then practice on multiple models under the guidance of our experienced trainer
  • Learn various options to promote your services to increase new clientele and retention rates
  • The class is a hands-on fundamental course hosted at The Wax Academy studio. Four (4) models are required for training by the class participant(s)

Course Overview

Lecture Overview

Basic Package Includes
  • Wax application and removal strategy
  • Body positioning
  • Wax benefits
  • Sanitary Procedure
  • Materials
  • Storage of materials
  • Type of wax
  • Matching type of wax with service and body part
  • Waxing technique
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Hands-On Techniques

Basic Package Includes
  • Application of wax
  • Removal of wax
  • Sanitary Procedure
  • Body positioning
  • Prepping for wax client
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Who is behind this course?

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Registration closes once seats are filled or three* weeks prior to the course date (whichever occurs first) to ensure our strong educator to student ratio and to give students ample time to fulfill their requirements of studying and reviewing materials beforehand.