Be Confident In Your Own Skin

NatraBella was created to encourage people of color to cherish their natural hues with personalized skincare techniques and high-quality products. It is a line created by people of color who want to help others take pride in their looks.


About NatraBella Skincare

NatraBella is a skincare brand designed to serve people of color with a line of custom products and a spa in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to providing skincare products and services, NatraBella is a place for aspiring estheticians to learn and master their craft with our founder and CEO, Allison Smith.

About NatraBella

Designed For People of Color

Our company is focused on helpingpeople of color find their inner beauty and care for their skin with pride likethe gods and goddesses they are. Have shining and radiant skin and flauntingyour colored appearance in style is the best feeling.

Ready to become an advanced esthetician?

Just sign up for one or more of our many courses to learn various methods of Microdermabrasions, Dermaplanning, manual alternatives to using chemical peels, and so much more.

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