Lash Training Classic and Volume Course

Who doesn't like long, thick eyelashes to add vigor to their most prominent feature, right?

Learn how to capitalize on this unending opportunity through time and elevate your clientele with the incredible lash extensions and micro-blading method to increase their volume.

Subject Overview

In this era, it is not just women who want long thick eyelashes. It is not even limited to androgynous cultures. Long and thick eyelashes are a coveted means to brighten the eyes and make everyone look pretty.

In our all-embracing course of lash extensions, you will learn the multitude of characteristics of eyelashes and how to make them look realistic and natural. There are unarguably two very important methods, i.e., the classic and the volume sets. Both methods are meant to add vigor to the eyelashes but take different approaches.

It is crucial to understand how to map and isolate the locations in order to identify the direction and the volume to add. Every volume lash is different, and you must learn how to befit them as per different client requirements. Not to mention, it is important to know the procedure for eyelash removal with deep contemplation. It is a very delicate part of the facial features and adds to the person’s overall appearance. Therefore, you must know how to conduct the procedure with precision.

Our extensive Lash Training for both Classic and Volume lashes also cover tips and tricks to help you market your business successfully. Our practical trade tips will help you draw in a substantial clientele to benefit your business immensely.

Course Overview

Lecture Overview

  • Characteristic of lash extensions
  • Theory on classic and volume sets 
  • Eyelash extension application shapes 
  • Application of lashes
  • Mapping
  • Volume Terminology
  • Difference between 2D, 5D, and 7D volume lashes
  • Isolation
  • Eyelash Removal
  • Pre-made and Hand made fans 
  • Creating hand made fans
  • Business tips 
  • Tips and tricks 
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Hands-On Techniques

  • Application of lashes on a model 
  • Eyelash Removal
  • Creating Hand Made fans 
  • Mapping
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Who is behind this course?

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