Advanced Dermaplaning Course

Advanced derma planning is an alternative method of exfoliation to chemical peels and microdermabrasion that provides the best skin cleanse. It is hence sometimes referred to as Epic Levelling.

Subject Overview

For people who have sensitive skin, or fine hair on the face, or any form of hyperpigmentation, it isn't easy to find a skincare routine that is compatible with their cause. That is where Advanced Derma planning comes into play.

The process of Advanced Derma planning follows a technique of using a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin of hair and dead skin cells. The procedure employs gentle movements and scraping, which does not harm sensitive skin. After completing the process, the hair grows softer and less coarse, which helps prevent rashes and rigorous rubbing of the skin. Cleaning the Stratum Corneum, which engages all manner of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, helps keep the skin devoid of all build-up, thus providing a more polished look.

The intensive technique of Advanced Derma planning increases the ability of the skin to absorb skincare products, even for those who live in tropical regions. The skin appears to be much smoother and even-toned, thereby resulting in a happier clientele. The results are instantly visible, making your clients come back more regularly to keep their skin looking cleaner and more adaptable to makeup and beauty regimens.

This course will certainly help you retain a steady clientele through time.

Course Overview

Lecture Overview

Basic Package Includes
  • Learn the history of the treatment, client selection, benefits & contraindications.
  • Pre/Post follow care instruction
  • Pricing recommendations as a stand alone treatment and add - on
  • How to combine with other treatments
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Hands-On Techniques

Basic Package Includes
  • Protocol - we teach the two methods of dermaplaning, dry dermaplaning and when to incorporate an anti-inflammatory oil.
  • Work with a variety of blades and scalpel handles to find your personal preference.
  • Each course participant will be working hands-on to give and receive this treatment as long as no contraindications are present. Hydrating post- treatment mask and LED light therapy included.
  • Course participants will receive a training manual and Dermaplaning kit with supplies.
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