Esthetician Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program

Have you always wanted to be an esthetician or wanted to learn the refined arts of using skincare products and services to brighten up your overall appearance?

Course Overview

What you will learn with us

Running a successful business starts with a plan, and that is exactly where we start our mentorship program. Our aim is to prepare you for every aspect of the business, not just the services you intend to provide.

Based on your special interests, you may want to focus your learning experience on a single line of beauty and skincare techniques or the sale of skincare products, or any number of things that interest you. As a practicing esthetician, you may want to learn about face treatments to look younger, techniques for full body wax that enhances the lustrousness of the skin, or even body therapy. NatraBella takes a special interest in each mentee to provide them the training in their specialized interests or the field of estheticians in general.

Apart from these, we also focus on finding the drawbacks and challenges you may face in starting your own business and looking for ways to overcome them. You won't just be learning how to provide beauty treatments from the best teacher, but you will have her as a mentor, which means she is with you all the way.

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What is so special about the NatraBella mentorship program?

In today's era, starting a business is much more challenging than it used to be. There are factors such as intent and investment, of course. Still, we overlook issues such as creating a viable business plan, dealing with customers, handling management responsibilities, not to mention learning how to delegate tasks to the right employees.

The mentorship program at NatraBella focuses on an overall purview of running the business. Our program includes running real-life scenarios where mentees and mentors work together to learn how to create a thorough business plan and pitch business ideas to investors. It also includes running real-time scenarios to learn the art of delegating tasks as per the specialty of your employees and how to motivate and encourage them to put their best foot forward.

We also run scenarios to familiarize you with all the different aspects of customer behavior and how to deal with them in the best possible way. The mentorship program is short and sweet but extensive. We aim to ensure that you are well-prepared to take on the instrumental tasks of dealing with a skincare routine and recommend the best skincare products to customers with expertise.

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Who is behind this course?

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What you need to do to learn this invaluable skill

Just register for our mentorship program and have a well-established and experienced esthetician, Allison Smith, teach you the ropes of running your own business.

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