How to Prepare For Your Waxing Appointment

Our specialized trained wax technicians make your waxing service as comfortable and pleasant as possible, using the best and latest techniques. Perfect results!


  • Hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice.

  • Please avoid shaving and the use of depilatory creams before waxing appointment.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, saunas, spas, steam rooms, and other heated areas 48 hours prior to service.

  • Do not apply any creams, lotions, or gels to the area being waxed on the day of appointment.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and illegal substances the day of appointment because the use of these substances will increase your body’s sensitivity level.

  • Try to avoid waxing close to your menstrual cycle due to increased sensitivity levels.

  • Wear comfortable underwear and loose clothing to avoid skin irritation after wax.

  • Ibuprofen may be used 30 mins prior if needed for comfort.


  • A brief consultation is included in your first visit.

  • Your esthetician will go over questions regarding allergies, medications, and other possible contractions.

  • You will be asked to remove clothing for area being waxed.

  • The area will be cleansed and prepped for waxing.

  • The area will be waxed with either soft or hard wax.

  • Stray hairs will be tweezed if needed.

Post Care

  • Cleanse area well, protect and moisturize with an aftercare product that will reduce irritation and help prevent infections from forming.

  • No hot showers/baths directly after. Wait 48 hours.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, intercourse, and exercising for 48 hours after service.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and underwear on freshly waxed areas.

  • Avoid shaving and the use of depilatory creams between waxes.

  • Your wax technician will recommend any additional aftercare treatment.

  • If you experience discomfort or have any questions contact us immediately.