Body Therapy

Wood and Ice Body Sculpt

Wood and Ice sculpts are non-invasive structures that help to activate the lymphatic systems in your body. This body therapy machine is pressed against the contours of your body without damaging the skin. They help in circulatory functions that help tighten up all the bulging and flabby skin on your form.


Our Cavitation services are another effective form of removing fat and cellulite deposits from the body without harming the skin. This non-invasive method of using ultrasonic waves through a body therapy machine, helps tone down the muscles in your buttocks, abdomen, arms, and legs. You will need multiple sessions to see a long-lasting effect on your body that will make you love your form and figure.


Pressotherapy is a lot like massaging the skin to activate the lymphatic drainage systems in the body. This non-invasive technique helps the body to naturally start losing all the toxins and build-up within the cells. Not only does NatraBella’s Pressotherapy tone down the muscles and cellulite in your arms, legs, and stomach, but it also helps in evening out the skin tone.

NatraBella’s Pressotherapy is extraordinarily safe and causes no amount of body therapy trauma but does relax your system after the treatment.

Full Body Scrub

Scrubbing is not just a method to clean up the face. It is an effective form of exfoliation that helps rid your skin of dead cells and toxins from the outer layer. NatraBella offers full body scrub to help remove all manners of build-up and exfoliate the skin on your entire form. Not only does it cleanse the body, but the exfoliation helps activate your circulatory systems, thus providing smoother skin along with an even skin tone.

Our personal branded range of body therapy products adds to your natural skincare routine and provide a constant source of keeping your body looking radiant and lustrous all day.

Striort Stretch Marks

Striot is an innovative non-surgical solution to remove stretch marks from the body. This non-invasive technique starts providing visible results from the first treatment itself. You will definitely feel encouraged and more confident after seeing almost an 80% reduction in stretch marks after the Striot Stretch Marks body treatment by NatraBella.