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Skincare Solutions Made for Ethnic Skin 

About Natrabella

Founded in 2015, Natrabella Skincare is a boutique, luxury spa located in Brooklyn, NY. Our goal is healthy skin, which we achieve through the use of environmentally-friendly products, quality service and an educational approach. The services and care that our client community receives are designed to deliver continuous results and luminous, nourished skin. As part of that service we teach our clientele how to care for their skin, starting with nutrition, and co-create an ingredient-based plan to address individual needs.

Before becoming an esthetician, founder and CEO Allison Smith suffered from acne and realized that no one in her community had any knowledge of how to treat it, nor was there a business nearby that could help. It was that observation mixed with her passion that brought Natrabella Skincare to life. With people of color in mind, Allison opened Natrabella because she saw a chance to provide specialized, natural beauty services directly to her community.

At Natrabella, it’s not just about expertly treating skin ㄧ it’s about giving clients a safe space to learn how day-to-day habits can make a difference. We want everyone who walks through our doors to leave feeling refreshed, confident and inspired, and that mission is the magic at the core of everything we do.

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