Full-Body Waxing Course

Full body wax is a highly sought-after technique by people of different walks of life and gender. This practical course will teach you how to successfully provide excellent service with proper analysis and execution.

Subject Overview

Everyone wants silky smooth skin that makes them feel good, and waxing is the only viable option for hair removal, which softens the hair and prevents in-growth and other manners of discomfort. However, as simple as the process may seem, a full body wax has various aspects to learn.

First, you must know the directional use of the application of Wax and pulling out the hair. Waxing involves yanking the hair from the body with the roots. Therefore, a simple mistake can cause severe damage to the skin. Hair grows on the body in different directions, based on its zone. Not only does the hair growth differ in zonal regions, but it may also differ in the same region as well. Therefore, it is important to learn how to analyze the growth for a safer hair removal technique.

Different skin types require different types of waxes. You must know which type of Wax is better suited for your clients as they may demand to use one which can harm them. This knowledge is one of the primary reasons your clients will always choose your services above your competitors'.

Another important aspect of full body wax is body positioning. It is important to have your clients positioned ideally to provide a comprehensive full-body wax. You also must understand and follow the sanitary measures for the procedure in order to provide excellent service. Prepare the client with gentleness and precision, so the full body wax has a lasting effect.

In our all-inclusive course for full body wax, we will teach you the different tips and tricks of the trade and inform you of the array of materials and techniques needed to satisfy your clients. True, the lasting effect implies that the client will need treatments infrequently. But the quality of your service will encourage them to come back to you, not to mention the referrals you will earn because of your intricate use of the methodology.

Course Overview

Lecture Overview

Basic Package Includes
  • Wax application and removal strategy
  • Body positioning
  • Wax benefits
  • Sanitary Procedure
  • Materials
  • Storage of materials
  • Type of wax
  • Matching type of wax with service and body part
  • Waxing technique
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Hands-On Techniques

Basic Package Includes
  • Application of wax
  • Removal of wax
  • Sanitary Procedure
  • Body positioning
  • Prepping for wax client
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