Vaginal Steaming Course

This course will take a hands-on approach to train you in the delicate treatment for women

Subject Overview

Vaginal steaming and cleansing methodologies have quickly become necessary, what with the constantly changing weather and climatic conditions coupled with the stress of everyday life. Female reproductive organs can become unbearably uncomfortable with the build-up of mucus and dead cells, which irritates, making them feel annoyed all the time.

Our in-depth course on vaginal steaming provides a means to learn the different aspects of learning how to cleanse the female reproductive system in a sanitized and extremely vigilant way. The course covers lectures on vaginal steaming and the benefits of the treatment, along with a practical approach to understanding and implementing various procedures.

We will help you understand the procedural benefits of this incredible treatment and ensure that you know what equipment and tools you need to perform the cleansing process. Sanitary measures are a must when it comes to these treatment plans. We will also help you realize the potential of these treatments and the definitive price range that you can charge for each type of treatment.

This course will up your clientele because of the incredible benefits it provides in health and hygiene.

Course Overview

Lecture Overview

Basic Package Includes
  • What is vaginal steaming?
  • How To Select Herbs
  • What are the 4 types of vaginal steams
  • Health screening clients health before treatment
  • How to provide service with narrowed treatment
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Hands-On Techniques

Basic Package Includes
  • Setting up room for vaginal steaming
  • Selecting herbs based on vaginal steam treatment
  • Preparation of materials for vaginal steam
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Who is behind this course?

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At the end of the class, students will receive certification of completion of course. Students should be fully informed about all areas of focus from the course. A vaginal steaming service starter kit will be available upon request to purchase herbs, steaming chair, bowls, robes, and other materials used for treatment.

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