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Many people dread liposuction surgeries because of the often-lengthy recovery time, plus the extra care and activities you would normally limit yourself to 😥.
That's where the question arises that patients ask themselves after surgery...

Is there an alternative treatment that speeds up the recovery process with better results? 🤔

The answer is YES 🥳and the treatment is known as "WOOD THERAPY". This treatment comes from oriental medicine, whose process focuses on the synergy it generates between mind, body and spirit.

What Does WOOD THERAPY consist of?
As a non-invasive treatment, it consists of using specially designed wooden tools to balance the patient's energy, firming and toning your body.
👉Thanks to this treatment you can also reduce cellulite, because they reaffirm the skin and allow to stimulate the different layers of the skin, in addition the treatment helps to eliminate adipocytes (fat cells) which will give your skin more vitality and youth 🥰

Among the tools used, the main ones are:
1. Swedish cup, commonly used for shaping areas such as the thigh, waist and buttocks.
2. Modeling table, improves fat drainage and allows the elimination of toxins.

3. Smooth roller, activates the circulatory and lymphatic system.
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