Vaginal Steaming importance

Allison Smith

📣More than 90% of women have suffered urinary infections😓

Although the vast majority of women indeed suffer from it, the risk increases when our YONI😱 is not properly cared for, because it is an area where sample cells and vaginal mucus accumulate, which increases the risk of infection urinary.

😖The daily stress to which we are exposed causes our energy to release hormones in our body that cause our defenses to drop and we are more prone to such infections.

An alternative solution that is in fashion today is V@ginal Steaming️ because it mixes ancestral knowledge that has been used for more than 2000 years in Western cultures with medicinal plants that allow deep cleaning💧.

🌫️The steam manages to penetrate our Yoni and help us to disinfect and clean all the dead cells, v@ginal mucus, and bacteria that can cause infections.

🥳Thanks to the experience of our professionals with ancestral knowledge, we can offer you a deep cleaning of your Y0ni that allows you to relieve the pain that usually accompanies your period🤗.

This knowledge that they have allows us to make an adequate selection of medicinal plants🌼 that help you to alleviate your Y0ni problems and connect with your 💥feminine energy.





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