Ultrasonic Cavitation After Liposuction😁

Allison Smith

It is very annoying to look at yourself in the mirror and see the little fat that sticks out of your body 🥺, that's why it is very common to use liposuction surgery to forget about all that annoying little fat that doesn't want to leave our Caribbean body.

The problem in this surgery often lies in the fact that post-surgery generates pain and recovery is usually slow 😥, which limits us to return to our daily activities, but there is a treatment that can improve the results and recovery after surgery.

What treatment are we referring to...? Ultrasonic Cavitation after liposuction.
Thanks to this non-invasive Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment through the use of low-frequency sound waves the fat cells are converted into a liquid that can be drained naturally through the lymphatic system, which makes our skin toned in a better way 😍, avoiding the generation of bags with fat cells that tend in the body.

Now that we know about this treatment, let's answer some frequently asked questions:

Can ultrasonic cavitation be performed after liposuction? 🤷🏽♀️
The answer is... YES it can be done since it is a complementary treatment that will help to better tone the areas, we want 🥳, it is for this reason that we must also be careful and perform this treatment in a specialized center. At Natrabella Skincare we have all the equipment and professionals ready to help you 💪🏼.

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