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Sweating is a way to disinfect our whole body and is a natural process that we all go through. But not all of us like it, especially when bad odor invades our body in situations that make us uncomfortable😭.

Trying to fight bad odor is a tough battle and many times it gets the better of us, because in spite of all the efforts we can make with medications or other types of antiperspirants, bad odor comes out victorious.

But there is an ingredient found naturally that is able to fight it, relieving us from this hard suffering, keeping the bad smell at bay 🔥. What ingredient are we talking about?


This mineral has been studied for a long time due to all the bodily benefits it possesses, as there are more than 300 functions that our body requires magnesium for proper functioning 

Our product will definitely do the trick for low to medium-high body odors.

This baking soda free, magnesium hydroxide deodorant is made with lemongrass essential oils and only contains the few necessary ingredients that you need to stay odor-free all day long.

So what is magnesium as a deodorant? 🤔, let's start by answering What causes odor?

Bacteria are found all over our bodies and also in the environment.

There are bacteria such as Staphylocuccus Hominis that are only found under our arms due to sweating and poor access to air and sun 😨, making it a perfect habitat for these bacteria to thrive.


Another cause of bad odor is the unbalanced pH that occurs in the area of our armpits, most of the time generated by stress. It is considered a balanced pH at 5, but in this area the pH is 6.5 ... which ends up causing another source of odor.

These two causes are the main causes of bad odor and magnesium is an essential source if we want to smell like flowers 🤗.

Natrabella Skincare Magnesium Deodorant not only eliminates bad odor from your armpits, but also works as a de-inflammatory, helping the area under your arms to avoid irritation and burning like other deodorants.

Now let's answer... What good is magnesium as a deodorant for me? 👀

In addition, Natrabella Skincare Magnesium Deodorant has a property that makes it resistant to bacterial attacks, which makes this deodorant much more effective in giving you greater protection ⚔against bad odor.

Forget about bad body odor and start enjoying more of the freshness that Natrabella Skincare Magnesium Deodorant provides.

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