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We know the great damage that accumulated stress can do to your body, that's why the Natrabella Skincare team, this blog so you can make at home a Spa Day and you can help you reduce a little stress πŸŽ‰.

It is normal for our body to produce stress. What is not normal is for you to accumulate too much stress and have it stored in your body because that will start to affect your body's organs.

Our body knows how to release stress, but we must help it to do this process faster with exercise, good nutrition, staying hydrated, adequate rest or the Spa.

Now let's get to know the 5 steps that will help you have a Spa Day from home to reduce stress, until you can visit us at Natrabella Skincare.

1.An atmosphere like clouds

Without a doubt, a good atmosphere is important to start our spa routine. To achieve this effect, we will start by choosing a suitable room where we can not be interrupted, it can be the bathroom or a room.


This place must transmit us a lot of peace and calm. Now to give it a little aroma for this you can use incense, some scented candles, once all this is ready, we move to our music, this should be one that allows us to feel relaxed.

2.Let your skin feel your love

The best way to show love to our skin is to cleanse it of all the dead skin cells it has accumulated. We can do this with a homemade exfoliating cream using oatmeal with honey for the face, coffee beans with yogurt for the body and lemon and honey for the hands.

3.Glowing skin

Now it's time for your face to feel freshness and softness. To do this we will blend half a cucumber with a tablespoon of honey and ΒΌ cup of milk, once liquefied and with our clean hands we apply it on our face with circular motions. After 15 minutes we remove with cold water gently and making small circles on the face.

4.Body in the clouds

Letting our body experience the pleasure of a good massage is of vital importance for us to have a real spa at home and even if you are not an expert these two keys will help you to improve the way you massage yourself.


Rub a little oil into the palms of your hand and start massaging from the feet and work your way up as far as your body will allow, applying light counterclockwise pressure.

5.Energize your spirit

To finish our routine, it is important to end with a bath routine. In this bath we are going to alternate the temperature so that our body is at ease. We can add some sea salts or almond oil.

Now that you know how you can enjoy a spa from home you have fewer excuses to take care of your body and free it from stress 😍.

Share this information with your friends so they can lead a stress-free life and remember that now we have a 20% off on our Spa treatments, use code: SPA20.

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