How to build Skincare Routine - 6 Step Skincare Regimen

Allison Smith

Skincare today is more than just a fad and it is for men too. The pollution factors that do great damage to our skin every day are increasing and this makes the passing of the years reflect more on our face, so it is vitally important to know how to care for, protect and hydrate our skin. So we will share with you in this brilliant article the 6 simple steps for you to learn how to take care of your skin.


Step 1: Cleanse with a wash
While we are sleeping and recovering energy, our body continues its operation and the skin helps to eliminate certain toxins through our pores at night, this in order to keep our body clean, but what happens if we don't cleanse our face? The answer is simple, our pores become clogged and some dirt begins to accumulate on our face, which in the short term stimulates the growth of acne and the degradation of our cells. To avoid this we must apply a wash in the morning with a facial cleanser that has essential oils, this will help our skin to eliminate what it does not need.

 Step 2: Apply toner

This little friend after doing a face wash will help us by nourishing and preparing our skin to act as a better base for what we apply later. Using the toner will also help regulate the level of acid that our skin has so that it is more protected from external pollutants. Now if the tonic we use is exfoliating we will use it at night.
Next, we will share with you 3 ingredients that you should look for in a toner:
ALPHA AND BETA HYDROXY, this will help remove dead skin cells, improve sun damaged skin and minimize dullness.
HYALURONIC ACID, allows you to maintain greater hydration in your face and gradually tries to eliminate expression lines.
VITAMIN C AND E, helped fight the substances that our body releases and that make our cells stress causing the skin to age faster.

Step 3: Apply serum
We can call "Serum" a skin hero, for the large amount of contributions it makes to its care due to the active ingredients and nutrients it contains, which makes our skin more prepared to solve any problem of spots or wrinkles.
When should we apply serum?
The morning is a good time to use a serum with antioxidants, such as an illuminating vitamin C serum, however, this will depend a lot on the type of ingredients that your serum contains since there are some that work better at night. you should read the instructions on the label.


Step 4: Moisturizer

There is no such thing as skin that is too hydrated, and your sunscreen should not be the stand-in for moisturizer. These two products serve vastly different purposes and are not interchangeable, no matter how moisturizing your sunscreen claims to be.


Step 5: Face Oil
Do this step: Morning and night.

If there's one step in your daily skin-care routine that surprisingly divides experts, it's face oil. The most common recommendation is to apply it last at night and second-to-last before sunscreen in the morning. That's because oils are occlusive, says Mona Gohara, M.D., dermatologist and associate clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine. Meaning, they help trap moisture in your skin. This is why Renée Rouleau, celebrity esthetician and founder of Renée Rouleau Skin Care, says you should think of face oils as a topcoat. "Oils provide a protective barrier to help prevent moisture from evaporating," she says. "Anything applied over it may not be offering as much benefit to your skin because it can’t get through."


Steap 6: Sun Protection

If you only had time for one skincare product each morning, it had better be sunscreen. Daily sun protection is as important as drinking water and paying your parking tickets on time, so there are zero excuses for not doing it.

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