Brightening Serum - Stains warn you of something

Allison Smith

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, blemishes on the face can be a factor in cellular aging. In this blog, we will share some details and how you can prevent it.
We believe that the spots on the face will disappear over time, however, that is not entirely true, as these can come from many factors, but the main cause is due to a lack of care in the skin because Pollution is increasing every day and our face is more exposed, this accelerates the aging of our cells and makes us look older even though we are a few years younger.
Creams help protect the skin, but they do not do it deeply because it only remains on the surface of the skin, helping to maintain hydration and nourish some cells in the upper part but not in the deeper layers of the skin.
To help you avoid the annoying spots and reduce aging on your face we have our Brightening Serum that will keep your cells nourished.
Thanks to our formula in conjunction with kojic acid, it allows lightning spots faster. Its light composition helps penetrate more skin layers, nourishing each of them and protecting them more effectively.
The Brightening Serum has a double concentration that when applied at night repairs our skin while we sleep. After having cleaned our face with warm water, the idea is to apply it with the tips of clean fingers and do it circularly.
This serum will give your face back the years that the contamination took away. Take advantage of our offer and get a discount of $10, you just have to click on the bottom below to start rejuvenating, use code NBBS


Frequent Questions

If I have oily skin, can I use it?

That is ideal as it will help strengthen it. If you have dry skin, it is advisable to use a moisturizer first and then apply the serum.

From what age can I use it?

Before it was recommended from the age of 35, however, now it is important that it be done from the age of 25 as it will help prevent premature aging.

Why is it more expensive?

This is relative because a couple of drops of serum is enough to apply it all over the face because the concentration of nutrients is higher than that of other products.

In summary, spots are a sign of aging and this can be controlled and prevented with a serum that helps nourish our cells from the lower layers, you can find our Brightening Serum boosted with kojic acid and with a discount of 10 dollars, just use code: NBBS

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