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Surgeries are long and often painful process 😢, and recovery involves several stages. Stages that can take months or years because factors such as the patient's age, lifestyle, and the body's ability to recover are also involved.

At our specialized center Natrabella Skincare we have technology and advances 🥳supported by science that help us to offer our clients a more accelerated and complete recovery 🧖🏾‍♀️thanks to the properties provided by post-operative massages.

The main benefit of massage lies in the stimulation that is performed on the body (without touching the operated area) to improve blood circulation 😊, allowing our blood vessels to carry more nutrients to help us recover from surgery.

👉Let's look at some additional benefits contained in post-operative massages.

☑️Accelerated recovery time, because blood circulation improves with massage, our blood supply channels carry more nutrients that help our skin and innermost layers so that our cells can rebuild faster.

☑️Improves the healing process, stimulating the areas near the surgery will make our body reduce the resistant fibrous tissue, helping the collagen to improve the affected area.

☑️If the lymphatic drainage channels are stagnant, there will be an accumulation of toxins that can affect the recovery process, and massages intervene there by helping these channels to have a correct evacuation.

☑️Reduce Pain, it is normal for a doctor to prescribe pain relieving medications that are usually punctures in the areas. Post-operative massages have shown in patients a better sensation after undergoing this treatment.

Thanks to post-operative massages you can forget about long periods of painful recovery 🤗, and progressively return to the activities you love to do.

It is important that you can consult with your doctor about this process so that he/she can follow your evolution. At Natrabella Skincare we quote with professionals who make personalized the post-surgery massage treatment.

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