Allison Smith
Fibrosis (tissue that connects the skin and ends up forming noticeable lumps) usually appear after operations 😢and form as lumps on our skin, which end up causing our scar to be seen with greater notoriety after an operation, as lymphatic drainage plays a fundamental role at this stage.

Massages after surgery helps 🥳so that our body has a better drainage of lymphatic fluid preventing toxins from accumulating in the space of the operation, which helps better healing and preventing the wound from becoming infected.
In addition to this, post-operative massages help to stimulate our entire circulatory system to conduct nutrients to regenerate our skin helping both upper and lower layers of this 😊.
📢Having adequate treatment after an operation is essential because it will help us to return to our favorite activities 🏃🏽💃🏽, since most patients have not presented discomfort after relying on post-operative massages for their recovery.
At Natrabella Skincare we have a range of professionals that will help you in this recovery process making it faster and more effective 🤗; this is thanks to the team of professionals who make a specialized treatment for each person.

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