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How can we not hate those little red bumps that grow on our skin, if they appear just when nobody calls them. Exactly! We are talking about the annoying acne.

But this is something that we suffer from a large part of the population due to various factors, some may be hormonal, environmental, dietary or even the same stress 😨. Just as there are various factors that cause the appearance of acne, there are also various types of acne, and today we will know a little more about them.

There are several types of acne, so many that if we address them all it would make this blog very long, and the only thing we intend with this is that you can inform yourself a little about the main 7 types of acne 👀.

  1. Cosmetic acne, as the name implies, is acne that is caused by the use of cosmetics. This type of acne is one of the most common in women, because many women often use cosmetic products that damage their skin.
  2. Acne Vulgaris, a classic acne, because it appears when our body is facing the hormonal changes that occur in adolescence, which together with an inadequate diet causes its growth to be greater.
  3. Latrogenic acne, caused by side effects due to the consumption of some drugs such as corticosteroids, anabolic and androgenic agents, etc.
  4. Tropical acne, this acne appears due to the warm and humid climate in which a person is located, it is characterized mainly because it affects uncommon areas, such as the back, buttocks, thighs, except for the face.
  5. Keloid acne, its main characteristic is due to the scars left by acne thickens and lifts forming the famous keloids. This type of acne is more likely to appear in people of color.
  6. Late or Premenstrual Acne, referring to the type of acne that breaks out or worsens during the period before menstruation, is caused by the hormonal irregularity a girl faces in her menstrual cycle.
  7. Cystic acne, here there are bumps, but of large size, usually double or triple the normal size and many of them are connected forming large spots on the face. This type of lesions leave serious wounds on the face that are accompanied by blood.

In conclusion, there are many causes that generate this type of skin anomalies and many of them are annoying and painful 😭

How do we solve it? 🤔There are various methods from treatments with natural remedies, chemicals, and even surgeries.

But our treatment blends both ancient and modern wisdom. Thanks to this fusion our results on patients with skin of color are more effective and faster, even painless 😍.

Don't wait until your acne gets complicated or starts to cause you real discomfort to go to a specialized center, visit us and let us help you relieve that pain.

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